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I’ve been holding some exciting news in for awhile, and now it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.  I’m thrilled to announce that Power and Light Press will be relocating to Silver City, New Mexico!   In just a few short weeks!  !!!  In my travels this past year, I had a lot of time to think about the next steps in my life and in my business, and I visited a lot of towns around the country.   I got to know some really cool places that had me fantasizing about what my life might look like there.   This was one of my favorite games as I traveled. But there was one place where it really didn’t feel like a game.   It felt real.  New Mexico is a place I keep coming back to, in my mind and in person.  It’s a place Dustin and I have been visiting and talking about moving to for years.   I have family roots there, and it’s the land of green chile and 300 days of sunshine every year (but snow, too!).  It is, indeed, the Land of Enchantment.

Silver City is a small town in the southwest corner of the state, an old mining town at the edge of the spectacularly beautiful Gila Wilderness.   It’s a quiet yet creative town, the rents are cheap, and there’s a really good coffee shop in town.  The first part of the move will be driving the Moveable Type truck down, and I’m planning a 3-week tour through California and Arizona.  You can check the schedule on the TOUR DATES page of this site, and I’m still making some additions to it.  If I’m coming through your town, I hope you can make it out and say hello!

Once I get to Silver City and we settle into our sweet little house, I’ll start looking for a studio space to set up Power and Light Press.  I am so excited about this, and I’ll be sure to post updates about that process on the website, Instagram (@typetruck), facebook, twitter (@typetruck), blah blah blah…

In other fun news, the truck finally got some signage!  Friend and sign-painter extraordinaire BT Livermore gave the truck the royal treatment the other day and I gotta say, it looks pretty sharp.   A lot of folks have asked me why (until now) I didn’t have any signage on the truck.   It seemed like a missed opportunity to publicize the project.  This is definitely true.  But I was really wary of drawing more attention to myself as I traveled. Because I was on the road for so long, and because I was also living in the truck, I really came to appreciate the anonymity afforded by an unmarked vehicle.  I could fly below the radar most of the time, which was important in maintaining some sense of privacy and normalcy in my life.  So why now?   Because, frankly, the truck needed a little sprucing up.  And this upcoming tour is short enough that I don’t think I’ll be bothered by a lack of privacy.  And because, honestly, I probably won’t be hitting the road again for 11 months in one go.   So it seems like the right time.  And because it looks really, really awesome.

heads will roll.  I mean, *turn*.
heads will roll. I mean, *turn*.

As always, thanks for your support through these adventures.  Please keep in touch!

3 Responses to Big News!

  1. Laurie says:

    Awesome news, Kyle! So excited for you and Dustin and happy for those of us who will be your “neighbors” in New Mexico. Well, only three or four hours away … almost like neighbors. :) Come to Magdalena again after you get settled and we’ll have stacked enchiladas and margaritas to celebrate. Hope to see you again soon!

  2. Kathryn says:

    Congratulations! That is wonderful. I recently relocated back to Colorado from St Petersburg, Florida (I met you there when you visited Eve-n-Odd Gallery) so we will be neighbors sort of!

    Safe travels!!!

  3. emily says:

    What exciting news! I thought you were going to say you fell in love with Kalamazoo! :) ha! But really, this move is awesome! New Mexico sounds magical – I’ve never been there! Enjoy your California/Arizona tour! Look forward to crossing paths again some day!