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8/22/13 – Thanks for your interest in Moveable Type!  I am not currently planning any travel for the rest of the year, and am therefore not taking any new requests for future visits.  Please join my mailing list if you’d like to keep in touch about potential future tours.  Thanks!

I’m up for visiting towns far and wide, stopping at venues of all stripes, and booking events both large and small. Here are some of the types of events I’ve taken part in:

  • Farmers Markets & Street Fairs

    These are typically free, public events. I’ll set up a printing demo on the press and invite curious folks to check out the truck and try their hand at pulling a print they can take home.

  • Small Group Workshops

    Hands-on printing lessons for up to five people. We’ll cover the basics of setting type, composing a form, setting up on-press, inking, and printing. Advance registration and a per-person fee required.

  • Bookstores/Art Galleries/Record Stores

    Got a storefront with a parking spot (or two)? I can set up shop right outside and print stuff for/with your customers.

  • Grade School Outreach

    Fun and basic printing projects for younger kids, ages 5 and up.

  • Community Centers & Libraries

    Workshops and demos are for people of all ages and backgrounds.

  • Universities & Museums

    Printing demonstrations, public speaking/visiting artist events, etc.

  • Garden Parties/Ice-cream Socials/Weddings/Etc.

    Got a private event you’d like me to come to? Let me know! We can print souvenirs!

  • Other

    Have an awesome idea? Do tell!

I’ll be doing a lot of traveling in this next year, but I am still bound by the natural laws of time and space. Please take a look at my existing schedule to see if a visit to your town is realistic. If I have two days off between Chattanooga and Memphis, I’m probably not going to be able to make it to your party in San Diego, as much as I might like to. But I could come to your party in Nashville! If you’d like Moveable Type to come to your school, street, or town, please fill out the handy form below and I’ll get back to you within three days.

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